Multi-faceted marine propulsion company

The Bravo Shop

The Bravo Shop has been a multi-faceted marine propulsion company for several decades and they are the exclusive manufacturer of the Bmax outdrive popular worldwide for both gas and diesel applications. With the outdrives to handle the horse power, it was the next step in boat repair to start building the motors.
In pursuit of perfection, the Pfahls have purchased all new Rottler machining equipment and a state-of-the-art Land and Sea Dyno, so they can finely tune engines before installing them on their customers’ boats. "At first, we used to have to rely on other machine shops for our work and if the engines came back wrong, then we had to fix it," John explains. "So, we decided to buy the equipment so we would be in control of all aspects of building the engines."

The guys installed dual carbs on my new engines and tuned them on their dyno-

I could not be happier with the engines-they purr like kittens and make the horsepower I was expecting. They also built 2 new drives for me that shift and perform flawlessly. I could not be happier with their service. I highly recommend them!

-Chris Edin

I can’t even begin to describe how helpful and friendly the crew at The Bravo Shop are.

 They went above and beyond, had my boat done in less than a week, and even made several other repairs. They’ve gained a new customer for the rest of my boating career!

-Dylan McGuire