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Special tools

Bmax special tools

Part # Product Image Item Name Price
HCS11 Bmax lower shift cable adjustment tool

Bmax lower shift cable adjustment tool

Sets lower cable


T-005 Carrier Removal Tool

Carrier Removal Tool

This will easily remove those salt water carriers that are stuck in with out heating or beating on the case.


T-006 Combo Bearing depth Gauge

Combo Bearing depth Gauge

Tool used to check depth of combo bearing in Bmax driven gears.
Also used to install combo bearing.


T-004 Lower Vert Shaft Socket

Lower Vert Shaft Socket

Used to hold Bmax lower vert shaft when torquing pinion nut.


T-002 Seal protector

Seal protector

1 1/4 prop shaft seal protector
It will keep the seals in prefect condition when installing the carrier. This makes installing the carrier a...


T-003 Upper Pinion shimming tool

Upper Pinion shimming tool

Upper Pinion shimming tool: This will allow you to set the Pinion gear to the correct depth in the case.


T-001 Wrench Pinion

Wrench Pinion

Upper Pinion Wrench: This is a new style wrench used with the new Bmax upper pinion nut. It locks in when tightening or loosing the nut. The nut will...


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